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We are experienced dog trainers and have worked with many levels of issues: from puppy training, obedience, leash manners, to severe dog reactivity, and aggressions. 

Providing you with the resources and information on how to handle your dog and self. We will guide you and model the drills/commands, practice leash manners, and follow-up with you and your dog.

The general mode of training is Modern E-Collar training.  It is effective, reliable, and the most transformational training available today. Contrary to popular belief the E-Collar does not inflict pain when used correctly, rather it sends sensory information to the dog. This information communicates with the dog at the correct time and intensity. Consistency is key to changing unwanted behaviors. Dog training is similar to raising children but more difficult because we must communicate with the dog from a canine point of view. This requires that we have an understanding of how dogs think and perceive their world. We understand that this is an integral part of our job, to teach the client how to best communicate with their canine. When a dog learns to make his own decisions based upon their experiences, they become reliable off leash and are more capable of problem solving in unusual or difficult situations.

    What is your dog's day like at A Dog's Home Board and Train?
Throughout the day, your dog goes through several hours of hands-on training, alternating between active commands,
 duration work, socialization with our balanced pack (client’s dogs will not be in danger of interacting with dangerous dogs), and specific behavior modification. In addition, your dog will go on a 45-60 minute structured walk to re-enforce the commands and respond to any challenges they have while on the leash. They will also receive plenty of rest, play-time, rewards, and personal one-on-one attention.
The dogs sleep inside in our climate-controlled kennel. We only work with a small number of dogs to give every dog the attention they need and safety is our primary concern.


Every dog has a different level of training needs, please call for a consultation.

One week basic training-$1200


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