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We are a family-run dog business, there is Sean, Ben, Myles, and Melissa to provide services for your dog at our home. Sean started it all, he has successfully worked and trained with dogs for over ten years. Sean has a keen sense and ability to lead your dog and work with you on building your skills. Ben joined his father six years ago to help with walking, training, and boarding. Ben has a solid connection with canines.  Myles, helps the family by keeping our energy driven dogs with a good game of fetch and feeding time. Myles has quickly been learning the tricks to training dogs. Melissa supervises the daily operations of the home; she provides the structure, training, and observation. 

From your home to ours, we have created a space for your dog. As a family we work together to ensure the connection, safety, and training your pup needs.

                     Many Thanks,

                      The Sevitski's





About us

"They came to pick up my dog the day I went into labor with my first child. They are a great family and really care. "

Laura, Hercules Owner

"My dog requires medication and attention due to breed type and surgeries. I often have questions about my dog's behavior and Sean is open to discussion and gives honest feedback."   Potato's Owner

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